The Cost-Effectiveness of Carbon Dioxide Removal Methods

The Nuances of Carbon Capture and Storage: A Critical Piece in the Climate Puzzle

Meeting Our GreenHouse Gas Goals

Eugene’s Climate Action Plan 2.0 and Annual Report (PDF)

May 2022 Climate Action Plan Article – Lane County

Oregon Natural Climate Solutions Act, full text (PDF)
  – Article about the new law.

Biochar funding guide for US Agricultural Producers – everything you need to know.

Organizations and Companies doing Good Things

Foundation for Climate Restoration – catalyzing the action needed to restore a safe and healthy climate by 2050.

The Climate Foundation – working to reverse global warming in our lifetime.

Project Regeneration – weaving justice, climate, biodiversity, and human dignity into a seamless tapestry of action, policy, and transformation that can end the climate crisis in one generation.

Project Drawdown – helping the world stop climate change—as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible.

Loamist – Connecting suppliers of bio-waste streams with emerging cleantech startups focused on using these feedstocks to decarbonize industrial materials.

Solid Carbon – providing concrete admixtures for durable carbon sequestration in the built environment for industry-leading low-carbon concrete.

U.S. Biochar Coalition – trade association unifying the voice of biochar, agriculture, forestry, climate tech, and carbon removal industry stakeholders.

US Biochar Initiative – promoting the sustainable production and use of biochar through research, policy, technology and doing it!

Biomass One – environmentally sustainable and economical solutions for forestry professionals to safely dispose of slash piles. Biomass One sends 30 megawatts of carbon-neutral electricity back to the White City, Oregon power grid.

Coalition for Clean Air – California statewide organization working exclusively on air quality issues.