The Pacific Coast Legacy Emissions Action Network is a network of volunteers that advocates for policies that clean up past emissions in a way that benefits our communities, economies, and planet.

We represent the Pacific Coast of North America, continuously from Mexico to British Columbia, with policies that will inspire the rest of the world.


Climate pollution hurts us all and gets worse with time. Decades of past pollution are causing wildfires, economic destruction, health problems, and more right now. We need to clean up past pollution (also called “legacy emissions”) for a livable today and tomorrow.

The scientists at the UN agree with us, and we hope you will too!


The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says we need to clean up past pollution and reduce ongoing pollution to avoid catastrophic warming.

According to several recent reports from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we’ve been too slow to curb greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, it is no longer possible to keep global warming down to 1.5 degrees with just emissions reductions (e.g. renewable energy or electric vehicles). We also must deploy technology that actively cleans up the 1.5 trillion tons of climate pollution that humanity has already spilled into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases. We have metaphorically created a giant oil spill in the sky. We need to clean that up. And we can!



We are a network of volunteers united by the belief that government needs to play a crucial role in ensuring past climate pollution gets cleaned up

After decades of slow action from major polluters, we believe governments need to step in.

There’s a variety of mechanisms government can use to help us clean up climate pollution—from holding polluters accountable to accelerating the deployment of technologies that effectively and permanently remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere for centuries to come.

Currently, the Action Network exists to encourage rapid collaborative action on the development and deployment of all safe, effective, and permanent methods of greenhouse gas removal in the Pacific Coast region. Together, we’ll create compatible, cross-border policies that set the Pacific Coast region up as a leader in the emerging global endeavor to clean up legacy climate pollution.

Pollution Hurts Us All

Let’s take action for a liveable
today and tomorrow

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