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PACCLEAN Mission Statement


The purpose of the PACCLEAN group is to advance local, state, and regional public policy dedicated to promoting the development of Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) capacity up and down the Pacific Coast of North America. By coordinating GGR policy advocacy across the region, PacCLEAN can achieve more effective results than standalone advocacy in any individual jurisdiction could achieve by itself. Jurisdictions can learn from each other, set examples for each other, and collaborate on joint goals and targets.

All methods of greenhouse gas removal are relevant to PacCLEAN, targeting a wide range of greenhouse gases including CO2, CH4, and N2O to be removed from the environment and either destroyed or stored in terrestrial, aquatic, geological, or product approaches.


Success looks like a thriving GGR industry up and down the Pacific Coast, guided by principles of climate justice and in full alignment with needs of local populations. This includes developing a GGR workforce of diverse backgrounds to build a forward-looking industry landscape.


PACCLEAN public policy objectives include:

  1. Policy to develop voluntary and compliance markets for greenhouse gas removal (GGR) credits, as well as government procurement of GGR credits
  2. Regulatory reform to enable research, development, and deployment of GGR projects
  3. Climate plans that include GGR targets alongside the necessary emissions abatement targets to achieve Net Negative emissions with a goal of cleaning up all of our legacy climate pollution by the year 2100.
    1. State and local government dedicated headcount to manage GGR in respective jurisdictions
  4. Local and state funding arrangements to foster GGR projects, including RD&D grants as well as project financing assistance such as matching funds, loans, and/or loan guarantees
  5. Equitable GGR workforce development activities

(in no particular order)

  1. LECCLA – (Low Embodied Carbon Concrete Leadership Act) – Require low embodied concrete on all local gov projects and consider adding it to building codes. Can be legislative policy or sometimes just executive order. Apparently there are new federal procurement policies that call for this?
  2. GGRMDA – (GGR Market Development Act) – require polluters to purchase removals (not offsets or allowances) for some % of their emissions, eventually increasing to ALL of their emissions and eventually to include legacy emissions as well.
  3. GGRLA – (GGR Leadership Act) – government procures GGR tonnes. Could be part of the above if the government is also required to buy removals.
  4. Catalytic Capital – can be R&D grants and/or project funding to make GGR projects within a local territory
  5. Climate Restoration Resolution – A resolution calling for a new target of climate restoration. This is saying “Net Zero is not good enough. We need to clean up our mess”.
  6. Project funding help (The Climate Bank)