Carbon Removal Policy Tracker – What legislation is currently planned
How to spot five of the fossil fuel industry’s biggest disinformation tactics – stay informed!
Record-breaking increase in CO2 levels in world’s atmosphere – 9 May 2024

Pacific Coast Region (click to expand)

Canada’s extreme weather events are costing billions, new data shows – 15 May 2024
Roadmap to Close the Carbon Cycle – 1 May 2024
Despite petitions, federal regulators approve construction on expanded Northwest gas pipeline – 19 April 2024
California the culprit for spike in little-known greenhouse gas more potent than CO2 – 19 April 2024
First-of-its-kind Tracy facility sucks carbon dioxide out of the air – 17 April 2024
Vital climate tool or license to pollute? The battle over California’s first carbon capture project – 16 April 2024
Capturing Carbon From Power Plants and the Atmosphere – 11 April 2024
A California firm may have a concrete way to help the planet with cleaner cement – 11 April 2024
Policy push for carbon removal credits lures finance, aviation – 5 April 2024
Jim Bridger Targeted for Carbon Capture Tech – 2 April 2024
Startups aim to curb climate change by pulling carbon dioxide from the ocean—not the air – 26 March 2024
Oregon State scientists discover metal capable of removing carbon dioxide from air – 19 March 2024
All gas companies in Oregon fail to gain approval for plans on meeting state’s climate goals – 15 March 2024
California isn’t on track to meet its climate change mandates — and a new analysis says it’s not even close – 14 March 2024
Washington holds first carbon auction of 2024, with program’s future in doubt – 7 March 2024
Another Day, Another Suspect Ocean Carbon Capture Technology – 29 February 2024
Seawater plant will capture 10 tons of CO2 and make 300 kg of H2 per day – 29 February 2024
Banyu Carbon – Capturing Carbon with Light – 13 February 2024
OSU scientists uncover ‘Goldilocks’ element for carbon scrubbing breakthrough – 12 February 2024
Oregon commission approves ‘carbon capture’ fund for state’s natural and working lands (See also – 29 January 2024
Column: The lithium revolution has arrived at California’s Salton Sea – 25 January 2024
California’s Path to Carbon Neutrality by 2045: A Blueprint for Sustainable Progress – 15 November 2023
Oregon State researchers receive grants to study marine carbon dioxide removal solutions – 19 September 2023

Other Regions (click to expand)

Caribbean: The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea rules carbon dioxide is an ocean pollutant – 21 May 2024
China: China extends green tech lead to carbon capture and sequestration – 19 May 2024
Romania: 170 bison could tackle CO2 emitted by 2 million cars, says study – 16 May 2024
Texas: Worley wins contract for US carbon capture project – 13 May 2024
Newfoundland: MUN professor says N.L. could be a world leader in CO2 storage – 12 May 2024
Alberta: Enbridge says carbon storage project still alive despite Capital Power decision – 10 May 2024
Iowa: ‘A stark warning’: Latest carbon dioxide leak raises concerns about safety, regulation – 5 May 2024
Saskatchewan: Missed emissions goals at Sask. carbon capture project raising questions – 2 May 2024
Netherlands: A Carbon Sequestration Project Conceived Of In 2016 Is Finally On The Rails – 1 May 2024
Houston: Carbon Conversations Part I: What is Carbon Capture? – 1 May 2024
UK: CO2 storage licenses in English Channel up for grabs – 30 April 2024
Louisiana: ‘Wake-up call’: pipeline leak exposes carbon capture safety gaps, advocates say – 19 April 2024
Quebec eyed as prime spot to suck carbon from atmosphere – 18 April 2024
Alaska’s carbon storage bill, once a revenue measure, is now seen as boon for oil and coal – 17 April 2024
Australia: Carbon price should be set at $70 a tonne and rise six-fold by mid-century, says AEMC – 11 April 2024
EU Passes Measures To Better Certify Carbon Storage – 10 April 2024
Iowa: Sell Our CO2 to Pump More Oil? It’s Likely, Says Iowa-based Carbon Capture Project – 8 April 2024
Germany: Greenlyte Means Go: Speedy €10.5M Funding For Its Direct Air Capture System – 5 April 2024
Norway: Aker Carbon Capture awarded pre-FEED for waste-to-energy plant – 3 April 2024
Louisiana LTE: Carbon capture will put Louisiana in the forefront of energy innovation – 3 April 2024
Indiana: US Steel plant in Indiana to host a $150M carbon capture experiment – 3 April 2024
Wyoming: Despite staggering costs and logistic challenges, carbon capture studies at Wyoming coal plants advance – 2 April 2024
Arkansas: Burying plant waste removes CO2 from the air. But can it scale? – 2 April 2024
Louisiana: Where will Exxon store 10 million cubic tons of CO2 annually? It’s a trade secret. – 1 April 2024
Norway: SLB to invest nearly $400 million in carbon capture company in push to scale technology – 28 March 2024
Louisiana: A Weak Spot in Carbon Sequestration: Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells – 26 March 2024
Australia: Australian human-induced native forest regeneration carbon offset projects have limited impact on changes in woody vegetation cover and carbon removals – 26 March 2024
Canada: Pathways Alliance to file for regulator approval on carbon capture project – 21 March 2024
EU: Enhanced Weathering Alliance Launches To Ensure Enhanced Weathering Is Part Of EU Carbon Removal Pathways – 21 March 2024
UK: Technip Energies and GE Vernova advance the UK’s transition to net-zero with one of the world’s first commercial scale gas-fired power and carbon capture projects – 15 March 2024
England: Underwater rocks to be mapped for CO2 storage – 14 March 2024
England: MHI’s CO2 capture technology selected for low-carbon hydrogen plant in HyNet cluster – 12 March 2024
North Carolina’s climate plan adds carbon sequestration component – 7 March 2024
Iowa can choose a sustainable agricultural model, or it can choose CO2 pipelines – 3 March 2024
Europe: D-CRBN wins €2.5m grant for CO2 recycling technology – 1 March 2024
Singapore to Build World’s Largest Facility that Sucks Carbon From the Sea – 1 March 2024
Southern US: Weyerhaeuser and Lapis Energy Announce Carbon Sequestration Exploration Agreement – 27 February 2024
Florida: What is carbon capture? And why is Hillsborough County looking into it? – 26 February 2024
Germany to allow carbon capture, underwater storage – 26 February 2024
South Dakota: Eminent domain is the latest front in South Dakota’s carbon pipeline fight – 24 February 2024
Asia: Towards a greener future: examining carbon emission dynamics in Asia amid gross domestic product, energy consumption, and trade openness – 23 February 2024
Illinois: Skokie biotech company uses bacteria to recycle carbon emissions from industrial pollution – 23 February 2024
Louisiana: Environmental groups sue to strip Louisiana of power to approve carbon capture wells – 23 February 2024
China: Growth in CO2 emissions leaves China likely to miss climate targets – 21 February 2024
EU: The EU is formalizing rules for taking CO2 out of the atmosphere – 20 February 2024
Alberta First Nations seek answers on carbon capture and storage plans – 18 February 2024
Japan: Experimental carbon-capture ship debuts in Yokohama – 16 February 2024
Kent: Isle of Grain power plant launches carbon capture project – 15 February 2024
St Ives: St Ives Bay carbon capture trial ‘very low risk’ – report – 12 February 2024
Wyoming: Gordon hosts conference on carbon capture technologies – 10 February 2024
China: Exploring negative emission potential of biochar to achieve carbon neutrality goal in China – 5 February 2024
Wyoming: WyoFile misses target when shooting at carbon capture – 29 January 2024
South Dakota: With Navigator out, POET proposes to connect 12 Iowa ethanol plants to Summit pipeline – 29 January 2024
UK: Drax gets approval to build energy stations that can capture and store carbon dioxide – 24 January 2024
Iceland: The future in your hands: Iceland pioneering carbon direct air capture – 3 November 2023

General News – Science (click to expand)

How Data Science Can Help Fight Climate Change – excellent overview
Carbon Capture, Use, and Sequestration – another overview
Climate: The right kind of tipping point – 30 May 2024


What is ‘nature-based carbon removal’ and is it any better than carbon offsets?
How Much Energy Would It Take to Pull Carbon Dioxide out of the Air? – 6 June 2024
Yes, carbon capture and storage is controversial – but it’s going to be crucial – 5 June 2024
New Carbon-Capture Batteries Store Renewable Energy, Help Climate – 17 May 2024
A novel multifunctional catalyst turns methane into valuable hydrocarbons – 15 May 2024
Clearing The Air: Why Carbon Storage Must Be Part Of The Solution – 15 May 2024
The case for sharing carbon storage risk – 15 May 2024
Cheap Catalyst Made Out of Sugar Has the Power To Destroy CO2 – 14 May 2024
Why We Need Rapid Deployment Of Carbon Capture Technologies – 13 May 2024
Scientists unlock key to breeding ‘carbon gobbling’ plants with a major appetite – 10 May 2024
High hopes for carbon capture, underground storage – 8 May 2024
A Stunning New Material May Shrink Humanity’s Carbon Footprint – 7 May 2024
Regenerative agriculture sequesters carbon—but that’s not the only benefit and shouldn’t be the only goal – 7 May 2024
Current national proposals are off track to meet carbon dioxide removal needs – 3 May 2024
Georgia Tech and Meta Create Massive Open Dataset to Advance AI Solutions for Carbon Capture – 2 May 2024
EPA underestimates methane emissions from landfills and urban areas, researchers find – 1 May 2024
New process quickly transforms livestock manure into biochar – 26 April 2024
Will stashing more CO2 in the ocean help slow climate change? – 26 April 2024
The current and future landscape of carbon capture – 25 April 2024
We might be closer to changing course on climate change than we realized – 25 April 2024
A New Use for Old Concrete Could Revolutionize Carbon Capture – 25 April 2024
Biochar — an ancient farming method — is finding new life improving soil and burying carbon – 22 April 2024
Biochar Is The Natural Charcoal Product That Could Revolutionize Tomorrow’s Cities – 22 April 2024
Proof-of-concept nanogenerator turns CO₂ into sustainable power – 18 April 2024
Our plans to tackle climate change with carbon storage don’t add up – 16 April 2024
Reducing CO₂ emissions by 20% with only a 2% economic loss – 15 April 2024
Enhanced atmospheric oxidation toward carbon neutrality reduces methane’s climate forcing – 11 April 2024
Study reveals giant store of global soil carbon – 11 April 2024
The Power of Waste: A New Innovative Approach To Improve the Energy Efficiency of Carbon Conversion – 11 April 2024
Scientists make breakthrough in pollution removal with liquid that bubbles like cola: ‘Our process … requires much less energy’ – 10 April 2024
Carbon dioxide capture and functionalization by bis(N-heterocyclic carbene)-borylene complexes – 9 April 2024
Carbon Capture’s Role in Our Sustainable Future – 8 April 2024
Enhanced rock weathering results in higher crop yields and improved crop health, study shows – 8 April 2024
Heat-trapping carbon dioxide and methane levels in the air last year spiked to record highs again – 5 April 2024
Carbon injection discussions involve many farmers – 3 April 2024
A new estimate of US soil organic carbon to improve Earth system models – 2 April 2024
How AI and deeper roots can help soil store more carbon – 2 April 2024
Biochar Is ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ for Sequestering Carbon and Combating Climate Change – 29 March 2024
A high-efficiency photocatalyst for converting carbon dioxide into environmentally friendly energy using sunlight – 29 March 2024
Study underscores uncertain costs of iron fertilization – 29 March 2024
A catalyst for converting carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming, into ethylene using vitamin C – 29 March 2024
A high-efficiency photocatalyst for converting carbon dioxide into environmentally friendly energy using sunlight – 29 March 2024
The Health and Environmental Impacts of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Aren’t Talked About Enough – 28 March 2024
To capture methane emissions, scientists create nanoshell catalysts – 28 March 2024
New electrochemical technology could de-acidify the oceans – and even remove carbon dioxide in the process – 28 March 2024
Sunlight to Methanol: Revolutionary CO2 Conversion Achieved With Copper and Carbon Nitride – 27 March 2024
Engineers find a new way to convert carbon dioxide into useful products – 27 March 2024
Using nature to help the climate: Four ways that work – 26 March 2024
Albedo can reduce climate benefit of tree planting: New tool identifies locations with high climate-cooling potential – 26 March 2024
Catalysis breakthrough yields self-cleaning wall paint that breaks down air pollutants when exposed to sunlight – 25 March 2024
New modeling shows the intensity of CO₂ uptake is higher in coastal seas than in the open ocean – 25 March 2024
Thirsty Work: Exploring the water consumption of carbon capture and storage – 20 March 2024
Study finds lands used for grazing can worsen or help climate change – 15 March 2024
Engineers use moisture to pull carbon dioxide out of the air – 14 March 2024
Scientists develop groundbreaking method that could help scrub pollution out of the air – 14 March 2024
Trade-offs in land-based carbon removal measures under 1.5°C and 2°C futures – 14 March 2024
Opinion: Carbon capture research offers hope for progress in climate emergency – 13 March 2024
The world is not moving fast enough on climate change — social sciences can help explain why – 10 March 2024
Geologists find that low-relief mountain ranges are the largest carbon sinks – 7 March 2024
Analysis of metal–organic framework-based photosynthetic CO2 reduction – 7 March 2024
Public perceptions and support of climate intervention technologies across the Global North and Global South – 6 March 2024
Standardizing photocatalytic CO2 reduction – 6 March 2024
Carbon Capture Explained: Point Source Capture Vs. Carbon Dioxide Removal – 5 March 2024
Source or sink? A review of permafrost’s role in the carbon cycle – 4 March 2024
Global energy-related CO2 emissions hit record high in 2023: International Energy Agency – 1 March 2024
CCUS Technology: A Critical Tool for CO2 Emissions Reduction – 21 February 2024
Emergent temperature sensitivity of soil organic carbon driven by mineral associations – 20 February 2024
Scientists Discovered Tiny Underground Minions That Transform CO2 Into Stone – 20 February 2024
Anoxic marine basins are among the best candidates for deep-sea carbon sequestration, say scientists – 19 February 2024
Transition from positive to negative indirect CO2 effects on the vegetation carbon uptake – 19 February 2024
Direct Air Capture of CO2 Is Needed After the World Reaches Net Zero Emissions – 17 February 2024
Examining viruses that can help ‘dial up’ carbon capture in the sea – 17 February 2024
Scientists use AI to identify new materials for carbon capture – 14 February 2024
Opinion: Cement is a big part of the carbon problem. Here’s how to make it part of the solution – 12 February 2024
Climate change reversing gains in air quality across the U.S.: study – 12 February 2024
Permaculture showed us how to farm the land more gently. Can we do the same as we farm the sea? – 11 February 2024
What is carbon capture and storage? – 6 February 2024
Unpacking Carbon Capture and Storage: The technology behind the promise – 1 February 2024
Can Ocean Energy Power Carbon Removal? – 1 February 2024
Light-sensitive molecules could make carbon capture more efficient – 1 February 2024
New Direct Air Carbon Capture System Captures Water, Too – 23 January 2024
It is time to draw down carbon dioxide but shut down moves to play God with the climate – 21 January 2024
Carbon removals: 2024 watching brief – 18 January 2024
Over-Promising And Under-Delivering For Half A Century: CCS Is Still A Risky And Unproven Technology – 18 January 2024
Not all carbon-capture projects pay off for the climate – we mapped the pros and cons of each and found clear winners and losers – 12 January 2024
How to Implement Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage? – 8 January 2024
The world’s next big carbon capture challenge? Figuring out how to use it – 5 January 2024
New research offers novel approach to remove excess carbon dioxide – 23 December 2023
Why Deleting Carbon From the Atmosphere Is So Controversial – 14 December 2023
Climate solution or license to pollute? The promise and pitfalls of carbon dioxide removal – 14 December 2023
How carbon removal technology is like a time machine – 7 December 2023
Carbon Storage in Soil: The Future of Fighting Climate Change? – 5 December 2023
Have we reached peak greenhouse gas emissions? – 30 November 2023
Unpacking Carbon Capture and Storage: The technology behind the promise – 28 November 2023
From Bill Gates to the pope, talk of carbon capture and its efficacy is dividing society – 25 October 2023
Adding crushed rock to farmland pulls carbon out of the air, field test shows – 24 October 2023
Land use change can produce more food and store more carbon, study finds – 20 October 2023
Cost-Effectiveness of Carbon Dioxide Removal Methods – 12 October 2023
Pulling carbon dioxide right out of the air – 3 October 2023
Progress in carbon capture technologies – 20 March 2021
Reduced limit on sulphur in marine fuel oil – 28 January 2021
Biogenic Iron Dust: A Novel Approach to Ocean Iron Fertilization as a Means of Large Scale Removal of Carbon Dioxide From the Atmosphere – 7 February 2019

General News – Organizations (click to expand)

Methane is spewing from U.S. landfills, in amounts exceeding EPA limits, report shows – 16 May 2024
Meta and Alphabet’s X developing direct air capture systems using data center waste heat – 17 April 2024
Climeworks branches into carbon removal trading – 17 April 2024
MHI to supply carbon capture for world’s first full-scale cement CCUS project – 12 April 2024
Bill Gates-backed company turns water and CO2 into fuel — Amazon and American Airlines among first buyers – 11 April 2024
80 Percent of Global CO2 Emissions Come From Just 57 Companies, Report Shows – 9 April 2024
ExxonMobil to build CCS pilot plant with FuelCell Energy using carbonate fuel cell technology – 9 April 2024
Big oil is racing to scale up carbon capture to slash emissions but the challenges are immense – 6 April 2024
Carbonfuture Launches Carbon Removal Sensor Suite Partnership With Syncraft and Others – 31 March 2024
US Government Attempts To Tackle Cement and Concrete Decarbonization – 31 March 2024
Oil giant admits it needs a ‘magic wand’ to keep green pledges – 30 March 2024
How heavy industries contribute to climate change and what can be done to cut emissions – 29 March 2024
The Awards For Chemical and Refining Decarbonization Go To… – 28 March 2024
Industrial Decarbonization Is Coming To A State Near You – 27 March 2024
ZeoDAC Launches Innovative Carbon Capture Technology – 26 March 2024
Carbon America And NCCC To Test First Cryogenic CO2 Capture – 25 March 2024
Voluntary Market Carbon Pricing — Explained – 22 March 2024
Nature-Based Climate Solutions: Rebuilding Trust In Carbon Markets – 21 March 2024
As Carbon Air Capture Ramps Up, Major Hurdles Remain – 20 March 2024
Lack of port infrastructure risks stunting growth of carbon capture technology – 19 March 2024
How 2 companies are taking different approaches to carbon capture as climate reports show rising temperatures – 19 March 2024
Climate: Carbon capture tech is booming, and confusing – 15 March 2024
DMX technology demonstrates high efficiency in industrial CO2 capture pilot – 15 March 2024
DOE is Helping YOU Buy Good Carbon Dioxide Removal Credits – 14 March 2024
Google’s pledge to support carbon removal solutions – 14 March 2024
AT&T to buy carbon credits from planned Occidental direct air capture plant – 13 March 2024
How Carbon Dioxide Removal is Critical to a Net-Zero Future – 12 March 2024
Direct air capture company CarbonCapture Inc. closes $80 million Series A financing – 12 March 2024
45 states are now covered by a climate action plan. These 5 opted out. – 12 March 2024
Skytree Reveals New Direct Air Capture Unit – Skytree Stratus – 12 March 2024
The Green Synergy: Harnessing Carbon Capture, Renewable Energy And EaaS For A Sustainable Future – 11 March 2024
US carbon capture rules blueprint to reach milestone in 2024, regulator expects (Paywall) – 11 March 2024
UrjanovaC Captures CO2 From Air and Flue Gas In The Presence Of Water – 11 March 2024
The Ideology and Reality of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage – 7 March 2024
Warming up to climate change: What is carbon capture and can it help save the planet? – 5 March 2024
The start-ups taking on climate change by extracting carbon dioxide from the sea – 5 March 2024
‘Carbon casting’: the low-hanging fruit of carbon removal – 5 March 2024
Summit Carbon Solutions Announces New Shipper For Its Carbon Capture Project – 4 March 2024
Why do we call a dirty fossil fuel ‘natural’ gas? – 4 March 2024
US DOE allocates $30m for advanced CO2 capture and conversion tech – 1 March 2024
Toucan Launches World’s First Liquid Market for Biochar Carbon Credits – 1 March 2024
CCS Redux: ExxonMobil’s CO2 Sequestration Is Just A Tiny Fraction Of Its CO2 Emissions – 25 February 2024
Biden Administration To Fund Training For Non-Degree Clean Energy Jobs – 23 February 2024
Aker Carbon Capture explores carbon capture for biomass and waste-to-energy sites – 23 February 2024
bp selects BASF carbon capture technology for blue hydrogen project in Teesside – 23 February 2024
ExxonMobil, EnLink Eye Expansion of CCS in Gulf Coast – 22 February 2024
EverLoNG wraps up first carbon capture demo onboard LNG carrier – 21 February 2024
CO2 Production by the U.S. Ethanol Industry and the Potential Value of Sequestration – 19 February 2024
Advancing the Frontier of Carbon Capture: A Look at CO2 Pipelines – 15 February 2024
Captura’s Direct Ocean Capture Looks Promising – 15 February 2024
CCS Redux: “Best” Carbon Capture Facility In World Creates 25x More CO2 From Use Of Product – 15 February 2024
NREL Collaborates on $15 Million Multilaboratory Efforts To Advance Commercialization of Carbon Dioxide Removal – 15 February 2024
Carbon capture tech a ‘complete falsehood’, says Fortescue chairman – 13 February 2024
DOE offers $100M for carbon removal pilot projects and Sucking Carbon from the Air Becomes A Lead Strategy – 13 February 2024
EU climate policy is dangerously reliant on untested carbon-capture technology – 13 February 2024
Bridging the Gap: Carbon Capture, Blockchain, and Monetizing Carbon Emissions – 13 February 2024
DOE Announces Up to $100 Million for Pilot-Scale Testing of Advanced Carbon Dioxide Removal Technologies – 12 February 2024
New Direct Air Carbon Capture System Captures Water, Too – 8 February 2024
Exclusive: World’s largest carbon removal plant is about to open – 6 February 2024
Climeworks and Svante collaborate in development and supply for direct air capture – 30 January 2024
Building Carbon Capture and Storage Facilities in the US Takes Too Long: How Can We Streamline the Process? – 23 January 2024
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Market: Global Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2035 – 10 January 2024
Sublime Systems to launch first cement plant – 10 January 2024
Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal: Potential Ways to Harness the Ocean to Mitigate Climate Change – 6 October 2023
Pipelines Touted as Carbon Capture Solution Spark Uncertainty and Opposition – 1 October 2023

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